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Article: Base

There are various designs available for the base:

Base type 1: Complete, with a drive system for wire engagement or de-wiring, mechanical

  • Lightweight welded design made of steel, coated with plastic
  • One or two tension springs per current collector
  • Reliable and require little maintenance
  • Easy to adjust the contact pressure

Technical data

  • Adaptable contact pressure
  • Connecting measurement for current collector pole = 70 mm
  • The base is available in blue, grey or black
  • Dimensions: A = 250 mm / B = 1073 mm / C = 135 mm / Ø 1 = 17 mm / Ø 2 = 70 mm

Two tension springs are recommended for use with double joint current collector heads. A displacement display can be attached as additional equipment to base type 1. If the side displacement of a pole exceeds a certain amount (which can be set), the bus driver is given a visual warning. If the bus moves farther and farther away from the overhead contact wire to the side ? for example, when driving round road works or cars that have been double-parked ? the bus driver receives a warning before de-wiring takes place.