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. - 21.11.05

Because of road repairs on the Staatsbrücke over river Salzach - which is
passed by 7 of 8 trolleybuslines - between 11. and 13. November
trolleybuslines 1 and 4 on their way to Hauptbahnhof or Langwied had to
cross the river via Nonntalerbrücke and trolleybuslines 3,5,6 on their way
to Salzburg Süd, Birkensiedlung or Parsch had to made their way via
Hanuschplatz and MönchsbergAufzug.

photo 1: trolleybus 240 (former Kapfenberg 35) on line 6 at
Hanuschplatz on it`s way to Parsch 11.11.2005

photo 2: trolleybus 275 on line 4 on it`s way to Langwied 12.11.2005

without photos:

* the Hanuschplatz is being rebuilt and thes chance is taken to build
a new turning loop in combination with a passing siding on the river side of
the place; it is thougth to be ready at he end of this year, the elecric
frog in Griesgasse was installed at the beginning of November - but is not
in service up to now.
* in November the crossing of new line 2 to Obergnigl with line 4 at
Sterneckstraße is being built. The opening ceremony for line 2 to Obergnigl
is planned for 10th December 2005
* the next trolleybus projects in Salzburg - this time for 2007 are :
to bring line 4 from Langwied to Mayrwies and line 3 from Itzling Pflanzmann
to a new housing estate.

Gunter Mackinger