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Dayton [US] - Now in green

J. Lehmann - 24.05.10

In early June, following passing through the body-overhaul Programme mentioned in TM 281, ETI 14TrE2 trolleybus 9802 became the first trolleybus since the 1990s to receive a completely new livery, the first new livery ever applied to a Dayton ETI. Introduced on buses in 2008, the new livery is all-over green with a wide band of turquoiseblue and
lime green that angles upward from behind the rear axie to the midpoint of the roof, on each side, narrowing äs it does. Along the roofline is written the undertaking's new Slogan, "It's time to ride", and the old logo is replaced byone mainly consisting of simply "rta". 76 years of trolleybus service along the central section of Main Street, right in the
core of "Downtown" Dayton, came to an end on 30th May 2009. From 31st May 2009, the section of Main Street between Monument Avenue and 6th Street was closed to all traffic, resulting in routes 5, 7 and 8 being converted temporarily to bus Operation, to permit work to start on rebuilding and, as reported in TM 285, trolleybuses will not be returning to it when it reopens. By June, the first modifications needed to the wiring had begun in preparation for the extensive trolleybus routing changes that will be put into effect when the new city centre transit centre opens.
The new city centre transit centre, named "Wright Stop Plaza", opened on Ist September, eight days after a formal opening ceremony. All routes have been changed in the area, so as to pass through this off-street facility, but some of the necessary revisions to trolleybus wiring had not yet been completed, and thus some routes remained bus-operated. More information on the new routings will appear in the next issue of TM. An additional feature of recently refurbished and repainted ETI trolleybus 9802 is the fit ment of an electronic flip-dot destination
sign. The planned extension of route 4 westwards to Townview, replacing route 3, has now been funded, and RTA hopes to begin construction in the first quarter of 2010.
Trolleybuses returned to route 8 on 1st December 2009, after the
necessary new left turn from Ludlow Street on to Third Street had been installed, a change which also allowed trolleybuses to return, later in December, to the one morning- and-afternoon peak duty operated on route 5. However, to expedite this change, the wiring on Ludlow now goes only on to Third, and the wiring continuing south on Ludlow
has been truncated, äs this configuration required fewer new traction poles to be erected. The through wires were not scheduled for use, but were used by some depot-bound trolleybuses. With the
reinstatement of trolleybuses to route 8, there is again some use of trolleybuses on weekends on this System. The new Monument Avenue Bridge opened on 17th November, but RTA has stated that it will
not be equipped with trolleybus wiring, and route 8 will continue pemanently to follow the new routing adopted in March 2008, via
the parallel First Street Bridge
The planned extension of route 4-west Service to Townview, replacing
route 3-west, was put into effect from 10th January, but temporarily converted to dieselbuses until the wiring is extended. Construction
of the wiring extension was due to begin in the spring and trolleybuses are unlikely to return before August. Route 4's new routing runs by
way of Westown Hub in both directions, rather than direct to/from Townview, so no wiring will be permanently taken out of use, but the
routing will be much longer and more convoluted than previously, and it is assumed that some Townview passengers will choose to transfer at Westown Hub to route 1 in order to reach the city centre more directly. The new wiring will run in both directions along Hoover Avenue, as the original plans to follow Oakridge Drive for the eastbound routing met with opposition from residents. Meanwhile, route 4's eastern portion must also be worked by buses. Route 3's eastern portion, to Eastown Hub via Wayne Avenue, now terminates in the city centre at all times, but a long-planned project to widen a section of Wayne Avenue around Wilmington Avenue is scheduled to begin on 1st June, necessitating the conversion of route 3 (Wayne) to buses. Given that this route has only three round-trip journeys per day now, it is possible that the widening work will not include relocation of the displaced traction poles, in which case the conversion of route 3 would be permanent.

This news is taken from the Trolleybus Magazine, with the kind permission of the editor, added with informations from the RTA-webside. The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two months and reports worldwide about the trolleybuses.

9834 at Easttown Hub on route 3, taken by Martin Schmelter on 18.05.2009.