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Teplice [CZ] - New trolleybuses on test run in Plzeň

K. Budach - 09.11.09

Four Skoda/Solaris 26 Tr and one 28 Tr have been ordered by Veolia Transport Teplice. They were officially presented to the press in Plzeň last week where they are undergoing test rides at the local trolleybus system. Supply to Teplice is envisaged for end of november/beginning of december 2009.

The trolleybuses 26 Tr Solaris will be signed with numbers 172 - 175, trolleybus 28 Tr Solaris will be signed with number 214. The new trolleybuses will replace the following old ones: 135, 137, 141, 143, 144 and 210. All of them are still in operation.
There will be no changes in timetables of the trolleybus routes, except the denotation of new low-floor connections.

The 28 Tr and the first 26 Tr for Teplice under wires in Plzeň.
Picture courtesy of: Dagmar Braunov√° (

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