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Cordoba [AR] - ZIU from Mendoza

K. Budach - 23.11.09

The 5 ZIU trolleybuses of the Mendoza fleet which were taken out of service in January upon the arrival of ex-Vancouver New Flyer vehicles have been sold to the public trolleybus operator TAMSE in Córdoba. They were purchased new by Mendoza in 1984, as part of a counter-trade deal against Argentine wine of the Mendoza region exported to Russia! The 5 cars now supplement the existing fleet of 33 ZIU (therof 9 articulated) plus 6 Chinese trolleybuses in Córdoba. It has not yet been decided if all 5 will be placed into service again or if some of them will be used only as source for spare parts.

A decision about the future of trolleybus operation in the city has been postponed.

The ZIU trolleybuses still in the Mendoza depot yard.
Author: Jorge L. Guevara