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Salzburg [AT] - New trolleybuses will be presented at the 100 year-celebration

J. Lehmann - 17.08.09

During the begining of August the test runs of Salzburg new trolleybuses 301-303 started on Ostrava (CZ). The first 3 "prototyps" will be delivered to Salzburg in the first days of September. In the meantime from the option of 5 more trolleybuses of the same SOLARIS/Cegelec type 3 are called - so the complete order up to now are 23 new trolleybuse getting the Salzburg numbers 301 - 323. 304 - 323 are delivered in 2011 and 2012.

The three new trolleybuses were presented during the event "100 years of electric urban traffic in October 2009, see Link "more Information"

Salzburg 301 on its first test runs on 27.07.2009 (Autor: AleĀš Stejskal) and from the door side at Na Liscine on 12,08,09 (Autor: Gunter Mackinger)

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