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Krasnoyarsk [RU] - trolleybuses north of the river Jenissei

J. Lehmann - 10.08.09

Operation has declined sharply in the face of competition from private buses and minibuses and the route pattern has been modified accordingly. Many routes have closed and some sections of wiring remain unused. Route 7 is the only well maintained service, the headway during peak hours being 3-4 minutes. Routes 4, 5, 8 and 13 offer a relatively frequent service during the peak hours but operate sporadically at other times. The remaining routes are served with one or (wo vehides only. Route 11 runs during shift changes atKRAZ, while route 11A maintains Operation other times. Route 14 is now a weekend-only shorter version of Monday - Friday route 8. Route 15 is a seasonal weekend-only service, despite the factthatit is the only route serving the branch to the
State University (Gosuniversitet). This route has a peculiar circular pattern of one-way Operation through the central area en-route to Gosuniversitet, but no central area service on the way back.
Of the two river crossings wired for trolleybuses, no routes now use Oktyabrskiy bridge, and Kommunalniy bridge is served only by route 17 with one vehicie operating on a 75-80 minute headway (there were äs
many äs 4 routes operating here in 2002). This lonely trolleybus is the only form of electric transport connecting both parts of the city. There is unused wiring on the main thoroughfare Mira Prospekt, but service is
maintained along the adjacent one-way Lenina Ulitsa and Karia Marxa Ulitsa. The following sections of wirihg were without Service in late 2004: Oktyabrskiy Bridge with Kornetova Ulitsa, Volgogrdskaya Ulitsa,
Chaykovskogo Ulitsa and Kraynyaya Ulitsa; the line to BSMP; Igarskaya Ulitsa and Surikova Ulitsa; Telmana Ulitsa between Novgorodskaya Ulitsa and Metallurgov Prospekt. The line to Rechnoy Vokzal is closed. All of these are recent abandonments. The lines to Posyolok Industrialniy and
Kotelnaya were closed in 1992. They were served by routes 9A and 10 respectively.
The initial Kotelnaya terminus was actually located 300 metres further than the latest location, and was moved due to the new railway overpass construction, only to be closed later.
The following Services were operating in December 2004:
3 Vokzal - BSMP (via Svobodniy Prospekt)
4 Vokzal - Severo-Zapadniy Rayon -
Vokzal (clockwise)
5 Vokzal - Studgorodok (via Svobodniy
3 Vokzal - Vetluzhanka (via Svobodniy
7 Vokzal - Zelenaya Roshcha (Sportzal)
8 Studgorodok - Severniy Mikrorayon (via
Kopylova Ulitsa) (Monday-Fridayonly)
11 Avtovokzal - Voronova - KRAZ (peak
hour service only)
11A Avtovokza - Voronova (except peak hours)
13 Vokzal - Severo-Zapadniy Rayon -
Vokzal (anti-clockwise)
14 Vokzal - Severniy Mikrorayon
(weekends only)
15 Vokzal - Surikova - Gosuniversitet -
Vokzal (seasonal, weekends only)
17 Avtovokzal - KhMZ
In late 2004 the fleet comprised: 1002-18/
6-9/102-8/111-3/5-25, ZIU-682; 1019-36/8-
6, ZIU-682G; 2137/8-43/9, ZIU-683; 2147/8/
50, ZIU-62052; 1045-9, AKSM-101. More than twenty new two-axle trolleybuses are reported to have been delivered during 2005. Further new trolleybuses from Ivanova arrived in 2009

This news is taken from the Trolleybus Magazine, with the kind permission of the editor, added with informations from and The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two months and reports worldwide about the trolleybuses.

Articulated trolleybus 2140 near the station, Autor: Andrey Sergachyov 08.05.2009