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Novosibirsk [RU] - Renewal

J. Lehmann - 20.07.09

23 Trolza-5275-05 were delivered in December 2007/February 2008. Despite the fact that the city has a complex private bus network, trolleybus Operation maintains supremacy on the main passenger corridors. The operator maintains a number of main routes that offer frequent and reliable service throughout the day, including hours deemed unpopulär by private bus operators. These are supplemented by secondary routes that have sporadic service, do not operate all the
time and suffer competition from private minibuses. Routes 1, 28 and 33 are closed but their wiring is served by other routes. The wiring on Fabrichnaya Ulitsafrom Avtovokzal to Dmitrovskiy Bridge has been dismantled and route 34 has closed owing to low patronage. There are no remains left of the former route (14) to Karyer Borok. There are
also some changes in the route network.
The total fleet comprises 330 trolleybuses. Novosibirsk has an unusual assortment of various types, some unique. ZIU-52642 is a rare prototype built by Troiza and tested in Novosibirsk. 3291, a VMZ-263, was built in Vologda with parts from an Ikarus diesel bus and is unique. The city has established its own production of trolleybuses with bodies
supplied by Trolza and electronics capable of dealing with local climatic conditions supplied by Ars-Term. Such vehides are known as "Siberian Trolleybuses", five having been produced so far and many more are expected.
Two vehicles were significantly rebuilt on overhaul. 3272 was fitted with low Windows that provide for an illusion of a low floor. There is an impressive tram and trolleybus museum at Kirovskoe depot.

New TrolZa Optima 4105 on route 7, Author: Ilya Plekhanov, 05.07.2008
New "Siberian Trolleybus" 2210