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Leninsk-Kuznetzkij [RU] - trolleybusfleet dubbled

J. Lehmann - 29.06.09

Dependable trolleybus operation continues here with routes 1 and 3 at high frequency and route 2 less frequent. The fleet comprises 26 trolleybuses, numbered 45-70. All are either ZIU-682 or ZIU-682G. Trolleybuses 60-70 were delivered secondhand, having been heavily overhauled: six vehides came from Moskva around 1999, and five were received from Vologda around 2001. Trolleybus 50 was heavily rebuilt in Kemerovo. The depot, built for äs many äs 100 vehicies, is a reminder of former ambitious plans for long routes to Shakhta 7 Noyabrya, to Oblastnaya Bolnitsa and to the neighbouring town of Polysaevo, some 13 km, away, none of which has materialised. In 2007 four new BTZ-52761 are numbered 48, 52, 71/2, followed by three more in 2008 (45, 75, 76), also new two TrolZa ZIU 682 mit modernised front (73-74).

This news is taken from the Trolleybus Magazine (No.265 and 276), with the kind permission of the editor, added with informations from and The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two months and reports worldwide about the trolleybuses.

Andrey Sergachev, 10.05.2009