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Abakan [RU] - Much routes, less service

J. Lehmann - 06.07.09

A new trolleybus route along Ulitsa Krylova was opened on 30th December 2005, connecting the suburb of Polyarnyi to the city centre. Routes 7 and 8 serve this extension to the system.
The route to PO Vagonmash has been cut back to the junction of Ulitsa Sovietskay a with Ulitsa Zavodskaya, although the new terminus is known as Ulitsa Skladskaya. The truncated route 2 now follows the one-way routeing of its subsidiary route 2A. Further to TM 270, route 7 is Polyarnyi to Ulitsa Skladskaya, whilst 8 is Polyarnyi to DK MPS.
Recent deliveries are VZTM-5284 No. 04, 14; BTZ-5276-04 No. 15;
Trolza-682GOM No.19.

This news is taken from the Trolleybus Magazine, with the kind permission of the editor, added with informations from and The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two months and reports worldwide about the trolleybuses.

Trolleybus 45 (VZTM-5284) at the terminus Abakanskaya on route 3. Aufnahme: Andrey Sergachev06.05.2009