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Artyemovsk/Artemiwsk [UA] - First new ones since ten years

J. Lehmann - 22.06.09

The fleet consists of 22 ZIU-682 (fleet numbers 143 up to 167), five YuMZ-T2 (206-210) and six YuMZ-T1; the latter are being converted from articulated into two-axle vehides (YuMZT1R 200, 201, 205) by the Dnepropetrovsk works. The lasted trolleybus is also from there: one Dnipro E183 with its fleet number 168.
25 trolleybuses are required to operate the six routes, which share a common city centre terminus at Bul. Lenina (Mikrorayon). Routes 2, 5, 6 and 7 (the latter opened in July2001) are local routes between there and the Microrayon, 4 is a semi-rural route to Traca, connecting with long-distance buses on the main E40 road, and 3 is its urban shortworking.

In Artemivsk Route 2, on the one hand, and Routes 5 and 6, on the other hand, lead to Mikrorayon 4 by different ways. Route 4 lies within the town territory and leads to the very edge of the town. The out-of-the-centre terminus of Route 3 is the famous factory of champagne-type wine.

This news is taken from the Trolleybus Magazine (No.282 and 281), with the kind permission of the editor, added with informations from and The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two months and reports worldwide about the trolleybuses.

Trolleybus 168 on route 2, 05.09.2008, Yufit Kostya (
Shortend Trolleybus 205 on route 2, 14.08.2006, Anton (

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