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San Francisco [US] - New fleet livery

J. Lehmann - 29.06.09

In mid-September, trolleybus 5622 became the first 14TrSF trolleybus to be repainted into the current fleet livery of silver-grey with a red skirt, followed in October by two others (5594 and 5609). hitherto only carried by articulated trolleybuses (ETI/Skoda 15Tr SF: 7103, 7113, 7121, 7122, 7127, 7130), Flyer E60: 7010, 7011, 7041, 7053 and 7054)

Extensive changes, that would affect most or all of the system's 17 trolleybus routes, have received tentative approval for implementation over the next year or two. Whilst they are subject to an environmental-impact review, visitors might care to note the following proposals: Route 3 to be withdrawn, due to low patronage on Jackson Street, which is not served by other routes. As partial compensation for this, route 4 to become an all-day Service, but curtailed to terminate at Presidio Ave. &
California St. Route 20, introduced in July 2007, to be discontinued and replaced by new bus route 11. Service 14L, the limited-stop bus Service along Mission Street, to be expanded to operate at a higher frequency
all day and seven days a week, and to be operated by trolleybuses. with the route 14 local service becomingbus-operated. Route 49 to become a limited-stop Service along its Mission Street section, which it shares with
route 14, but to continue serving all stops on Van NessAvenue. New trolleybus-operated shortworkings to be introduced of bus route
9 (San Bruno), terminating at 25th St. & Potrero Ave., operating all day. Route 6 to be extended by almost one mile, with new wiring, from its current outer terminus (14th Ave. & Quintara St.) to West Portal Station
of the 'Muni Metro' LRT service, along 14th St. and Taraval Street. Between Masonic Ave. and Stanyan St., route 6 would be diverted to follow Haight St. and Stanyan St., thereby replacing route 7 (Haight) äs a
separate service, and the 0.75-mile section of the current route 6 would be closed. On its south-easternmost section, route 22 to be diverted, with about l.25 miles of new wiring, to follow 16th St. through to Third St. and north along the latter to the Mission Bay district. Route 33 to be revised to take over most of the withdrawn section of route 22 and no longer serve Potrero Avenue. The wiring along the latter would be used by the new route 9 trolleybus service. Route 21 to be curtailed to Stanyan Street.

This news is taken from the Trolleybus Magazine (No.282 and 281), with the kind permission of the editor. The Trolleybus Magazine is published every two months and reports worldwide about the trolleybuses.

Martin Schmelter. 11.06.2009