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Kamensk-Uralskij [RU] - 50 years of Trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 11.05.09

Kamensk-Uralski – Russian Federation

This mid-eastern Ural city, which lies around 100 kilometres south of Jekaterinburg, celebrated 50 years of Trolleybus operation at the end of 2006.Forty five Trolleybuses serve on four routes and the fleet undergoes a continual renewal. The newest vehicles being two BTZ type 52761T numbered 20 and 21. During 2001 three of the same type were purchased numbered 12,14 and 15. Since 2001 other vehicles have been purchased being number 16, a ZIU 682, number 17, a BTZ 5276.04 and numbers 18 and 19, both type VZTM 5280. The rest of the fleet is made up of type ZIU 682 Trolleybuses with the exception of number 69 which is a BTZ type 52011.

Over the past 15 years there have been several minor extensions to the system the last of which was an extension to route 5 via “49-Kwartal” which joins the northern part of the town, with the living complex “Kosmos”, the southern part of the town already being connected.

Our photo shows Trolleybus number 100 just after it’s arrival at the central bus station on route 5.The destination blind in the front indicates that the vehicle is going via Kosmos to the terminus at ULS and not via the direct route. Next to number 100 number 14, one of the newer BTZ type 52761.
Photo: Dr. Eckart Sternol, 06.10.2004

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