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Szeged [HU] - Happy Birthday

J. Lehmann - 11.05.09

Szeged – Hungary

The Trolleybus system in Szeged celebrated their 30th. birthday on 29th. and 30th. of April 2009 with a Trolleybus conference in their new depot and an open day. See link.
On show were
- Skoda 21 Tr T-802 (without it’s motor)
- Citaro T-864 (a recently completed Trolleybus conversion)
- Skoda 22 Tr AC T-650
- ARC TR187 / TV.EU (only the body and trolley booms)
and several examples of historic Trolleybuses (see below).

The operating company in Szeged is famous for it’s conversions of second hand diesel buses to Trolleybuses. These conversions are undertaken in their own workshops and include Volvo Diesel bus type 7000 and Mercedes diesel bus type Citaro. More recently some Skoda type 21Ab diesel buses are to be converted to Trolleybuses. Four of the Skoda Trolleybus type 21Tr are already part of the fleet. These four were bought second hand and have all received new electrics which were also fitted in their own workshops. These Skoda 21Ab diesel buses are second hand from Pilsen in the Czech Republic and were numbered 443, 444, 446, 447 and 449 built in 1997/98. They are to receive electrics from the firm Cegelec.

The articulated ARC low floor bodywork (see our report from 09.03.2009) is to fitted with electronic control from Cegelec type “Europulse”. This is to mark the beginning of the renewal of the articulated fleet. The town publicised, Europe wide, it’s call for tenders for 10 articulated Trolleybuses (TED 2009/S 62-089179). Closing date for offers is 09.06.2009.

When the conversion of two of the Skoda 21 diesel buses has been completed the fleet will then have 13 two axle Trolleybuses so that the Skoda 14Tr vehicles can all be withdrawn. Skoda 14Tr number 707 was given a new advert for the birthday celebrations.

It advertised the 30 years of Trolleybus operation and also publicised the open Day which was to take place on 01.05.2009. Visitors to the depot could inspect all of the above mentioned vehicles and the Urban Transport Museum Szentendre also loaned the following vehicles which were on display:
Budapest 573 (type ZIU-5) und
Budapest 600 (type Ikarus 260T)
Debrecen 343 (type Ganz MAZ 103T)
Debrecen 386 (type Solaris/Ganz Trollino 12D).

The Day climaxed with a Trolleybus parade through the town centre. The parade was lead by Skoda 14Tr number 707. Amongst the vehicles were the two historic Trolleybuses numbers 573 and 600 as well as the Ikarus articulated Trolleybus number 505, which had been repainted in it’s old original livery last year, and has occasionally been seen in service on Sunday specials on route 9.

Our top photo shows the new articulated bus type ARC TR157, soon to be converted to a Trolleybus, on show.
In the bottom photo we see Skoda 21Tr number T-800 passing the Citaro Trolleybus conversion T-861.
Photos: Mikolaj Bartlomiejczyk

Translation: Bankes

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