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Salzburg [AT] - The first Trolleybus route extension financed, for the most part, by private investors

J. Lehmann - 04.05.09

Salzburg – Austria
For the beginning of July 2009 it is planned to open the first Trolleybus extension which has been funded, for the most part, by private finance. Routes 3 and 5, which currently terminate at “tzling Pflanzmann“ are to be extended to a new terminus at a new residential development with a supermarket complex. Investments have come, from among others, from the developers of the residential complex and from the supermarket developers.

On the 14th. of June a new Trolleybus route will be ceremoniously opened. It is the new route 10, part of the diesel bus route 20, and it is to be opened at 10:00 a.m. at the newly constructed terminus “Sam St. Severin”. The new route will follow the following route: Sam St.Severin - Gnigl S-Bahn - Fürbergstraße - Volksgartenbad - Zentrum - Mülln - Riedenburg und and back via Zentrum.

The extensive “no service” overhead net is also undergoing extension. During the first half of 2009 a connection, coming from the direction of the main station, between Rainerstraße and St. Julien Straße is be constructed. Their used to be such a connection as of 1986 which was used by route 77. It is also planned to install another frog to enable further access to the parking wiring at the F.v. Lehnert Straße.

Between the 30th. of September and the 10th. of October 2009 there will be extensive festive activities celebrating 100 years of electric transport in Salzburg. The era between 1909 and 1940 was dominated by the tram which rolled through the streets of Salzburg. It was then succeeded by the Trolleybus which has served the public long and well till the present day. Between the 2nd. And 10th. Of October the fully restored “Salzburgrer Straßenbahn“ tram number 4 is to be presented to the public. On the 2nd. of May 2009 the restored tram number 4, which was restored for the “Museum tramway Mariazell”, went into service to open the 2009 season at the Vienna “Wiener Straßenbahnmusuem” where it will be in running until the autumn.

On the 10th. of October there is to be an open day at the Trolleybus depot at Alpenstraße with an interesting assortment of vehicles travelling to and from the town centre. For full details of the planned programme see or

The first prototype of the new Trolleybus generation is nearing completion at the Solaris works in Posnan and is to be transferred during the coming weeks to Mährish Ostrau where the electrics from Cegelec are to be installed at the Trolleybus depot there. Punctually at the beginnng of October it is hoped that this first new Trolleybus can be presented to the public as part of the festivities.

Our photos show top: ex VMVC number 15, VanHool / Kiepe Trolleybus numbered 260 in service on route 8 and ex VMVC number 2, numbered 259 in service on route 3 both at the terminus Alpensiedlung on 03.04.2009. These two ex Montreux articulated Trolleybuses having received their new livery and been adapted for service in Salzburg have been in operation here since 09.03.2009.
Our bottom photo shows historic Trolleybus number 109 in service on route 5 at the central station on 26.03.2009. The historic Trolleybuses can often be seen in service on the normal routes outside the rush hour but number 109 is a real rarity and not seen quite so often.
Photos Gunter Mackinger

Translation: Bankes

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