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Sao Paulo (SPT) [BR] - 60 years of Trolleybus operation celebrations

J. Lehmann - 04.05.09

Sao Paulo (Operator SPTrans) Brazil
The celebrations of the sixtieth birthday of Brazil’s first Trolleybus system, in Sao Paulo, took place on the weekend of 25./26. 04.2009. The celebrations hwere organised by the operator together with the active support of the “Movimento Respira São Paulo” a society which propagate clean air in Sao Paulo.

As part of the celebrations four Trolleybuses were presented in front of the impressive Ipiranga Museum building. Two were restored historic Trolleybuses, one was an example of the current vehicles in daily operation and one was a prototype low floor articulated Trolleybus of the type which will, eventually, replace the current fleet.
Nr. 3093 ACF Brill/GE (a 1947 ex Denver)
Nr. 3160 Grassi/Villares (1960)
Nr. 1730 Volvo/Marcopolo/Powertronics (1996)
Nr. 1500 Busscar/WEG (a 2008 built low floor prototype)

There was also an exhibition illuminating the story of the Trolleybuses in Brazil. Entrance to the exhibition was free of charge.
Several days later a historic Trolleybus, belonging to the second operator in Sao Paulo, EMTU, a 1982 Scania / Marcopolo / Tectronic Trolleybus number 7213 undertook a special service on the SPT system.

As already reported both Sao Paulo operating companies are currently undergoing a modernisation programme. It is expected that further new low floor Trolleybuses will be ordered in the course of this year.

A comprehensive description of the two Trolleybus systems in Sao Paulo can be found in the 5/2009 edition of the magazine “Stadtverkehr”.

Text: Dirk Budach

Our Photos show the Trolleybuses on show in front of the Ipiranga Museum as part of the 60 years of Trolleybus celebrations. Seen from the top they are:
Top - Trolleybus 1730 and 1500 – photo Samuel Tuzi
Middle - Trolleybus 3160
Bottom – Trolleybus 3093 - both photos Rafael Asquini

Translation: Bankes

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