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Milano [IT] - First of the new VanHool AG 300 T enters service

J. Lehmann - 27.04.09

Milan – Italy

At the beginning of April the first of a total of 30 new VanHool AG 300 T was presented to the public. The 30 vehicles, which cost together 21 million Euro, are all to go into service this year. Six have already been delivered and a further 18 are have passed their quality control and ready for delivery at the manufacturers. There ia an option for up to 90 vehicles in all but it has not yet been taken up.

As we have already reported the use of "supercaps" allows the energie released during braking to be stored and used when accelerating again. Energy savings of up to 24% have been measured in comparison with the normal Trolleybuses. The vehicles are also fitted with a "Euro 5" diesel motor allowing operation away from the overhead as a hybrid bus.

Our photo shows the new VanHool AG 300 T -in service during the presentation on the ring route 90/91.
Photo: "Mailand" (see link)

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