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Khabarovsk/Chabarowsk [RU] - …and then there were five

J. Lehmann - 04.05.09

Khabarovsk – Russian Federation

Khabarovsk is the administrative centre and the largest city of Khabarovsk Krai, Russia. It is located some 30 km from the Chinese border. It is the second largest city in the Russian Far East, after Vladivostok. The city became the administrative centre of the Far Eastern Federal District of Russia in 2002. the 2005 estimated population is 579,000, the census of 2002 registered 583,072 and the 1989 census 600,623.

The city lies at the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, about 800 kilometres, around 497 miles, north of Vladivostok and is accessible from there by an overnight train running along the Trans-Siberian railway. Rail distance from Moscow is 8,523 kilometres or 5,296 miles.

This thriving city now enjoys the presence of five Trolleybus routes. This system had one route, route 1, in 1989 for which 27 two axle and 4 articulated trolleybuses were available. After several years of construction route 2 to the central station was opened in January 2000.The southern part of the city got it’s own Trolleybus route, Route 3, during the year 2003. I june 2004 a further two routes were opened. Route 4, with a length of 17 kilometres, and route 5, with a length of 23 kilometres.

Routes 1 and 3 have a relatively high frequency and on route 1 up to 20 vehicles are in service at one time. Route 5 has a 15 to 30 minute frequency and routes 2 and 4 are partly only served once an hour. The reason for thee low frequencies being lack of vehicles.

The vehicles which have been purchased between 2000 and the end of 2004 have mostly been replacement vehicles for the 31 vehicles which were available in 1998 so that the fleet has barely increased in size despite the numerous new routes that were opened during the same time period. A larger number of vehicles were purchased in 2008. These were, 8 type VMZ-5298 numbered 228 to 235 and 2 low floor type BTZ 52763 Trolleybuses which were numbered 226 and 227.

A further type AKSM 321, a low floor Belkommunmash Trolleybus, has been on trial for several months. The operating company are pleased with the performance but are somewhat perturbed by the high costs which are partly generated by the long distance the vehicles have to be transported. They would very much like to purchase some of these vehicles and to that end are seeking some manner of cooperation with the manufacturers. They have entered into discussions with the firm of Belkommunmash in order to find a way of reducing the price, one possibility being that the vehicles be completed in their own workshops in Khabarovsk.

This news item was taken, in part, from Trolleybus Magazine with the kind permission of the editor. It was supplemented with further information from the following two sources: and

Trolleybus Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which reports about worldwide events and developments concerning Trolleybuses.and is available through " The National Trolleybus Association (NTA). Link:

Our photo shows Trolleybus number 223, one of the newly purchased type BTZ-5276-04 seen here on 27.06.2007.
Photo: Alexandr Zisser

Translation: Bankes