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Baia Mare [RO] - More second hand Swiss Trolleybuses

J. Lehmann - 27.04.09

Baia Mare – Romania

The only Trolleybus route in this city, route 51 has been shortened since zh end of March 2009 due to road works on the bridge over the River Sasar. The building works, which entail rebuilding and widening of the bridge, will last for around three months and route 51, which terminates at a shopping centre to the west of the city at one end and at the depot at the other end, will terminate at a temporary turning circle at the Vasile Lucacio crossroads. The Trolleybuses are also parked overnight outside the depot as they are not able to reach it due to the bridge works.

All in all eight vehicles are required for route 51 and there are eleven Trolleybuses in the fleet. Seven of these are ex Winterthur 1982 built Saurer/FHS/Strömberg Trolleybuses numbered 200 and 202 to 297. An eighth vehicle, the missing number 201, was used as a spare parts donor and has now been completely scrapped. There are also 4 Romanian built "ROCAR" Trolleybuses. These are number 102, an articulated Trolleybus and numbers 105 to 107 which are two axle Trolleybuses. These last four are now to be replaced by five second hand articulated Trolleybuses from Bern in Switzerland where they left for Romania on 25.03.2009.

There are also plans to extend route 51 with a fork to the living complex "Vasilie Alecsandri". Work, in fact , on constructing the overhead wiring has already commenced.

Our top photo shows the ex Bern Trolleybuses 65, 64, 63, 62 and 66 shortly after their arrival at the Depot in Baia Mare. The lower photo shows ROCAR articulated Trolleybus number 102 on Easter Monday 20.04.2009 in service on route 51
Photos: Werner Bischoff.

Translation: Bankes