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Genève [CH] - Construction work in the town centre calls for flexibility in temporary diversions

J. Lehmann - 11.05.09

Geneva – Switzerland

Preparatory work for the new 6.5 kilometre long tram line, from Cornavin to Bernex, which is due to replace the western end of Trolleybus routes 2 and 19 in December 2011, were started on 24.11.2009 and the exensive building work was started at the beginning of 2009.

Alterations and diversions to various routes will occur during the construction period beginning on 19.01.2009 with routes 3, 10 and 19 having to use Rue du Temple, together with route 7, and then Rue des Terreaux-du-Temple to Cornavin coming from Bel-Air. Along Rue des Terreaux-du-Temple temporary overhead and a temporary bus stop, named Coutance, was installed. As of 17.02.2009 the bus stop Bel-Air Quai, frequented by routes 3, 7, 10 and 19 an diesel bus routes 1 and 5, had to be withdrawn due to construction work and was replaced by a temporary bus stop Bel-Air Pont . The Trolleybuses follow a route over the eastern of the two bridges which cross a tributary of the river Rhone at this point. Minor alterations / additions were necessary to the overhead here but were confined to putting up overhead in only one direction as the second direction already used this bridge. Also during December 2008 a new frog was installed at the bus stop “Pre-Longet” to enable the Trolleybuses to use the turning circle “Onex”. This will help keep the number of replacement diesel buses down to a minimum.

After the tram line has been completed it is planned to extend the Trolleybus system.
The infrastructure projects for the period 2011 to 2014 is to include conversion of diesel bus route 9 to Petit-Bel-Air to Trolleybus and an extension to Annemasse on a segregated lane.

Our photo shows Trolleybuses number 732 and 734 in service on route 10 during September 2008. There was still space for two way traffic between Bel-Air and Cornavin
Photo: J. Lehmann

Translation: Bankes

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