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Solingen [DE] - Museum Trolleybus number 59 in service

J. Lehmann - 09.04.09

Solingen – Germany

The 1959 museum Trolleybus number 59, type ÜHIIIs will be in service again this year between April and October. It will be in service on the second Sunday of each month. The route is named "Ritter Tour" (translated Knights trip) reflecting the destination at Burg. It follows route 683 from Wuppertal Vohwinkel (Schwebebahn Terminus) to Burg Brücke.

The Trolleybus will be in service on this route the following dates:
12.04.2009, 10.05.2009, 14.06.2009. 12.07.2009, 09.08.2009, 13.09.2009, and 11.10.2009.

The vehicle starts at Graf Wilhelm Burg towards Burg at 11:05

The timetable is as follows:

Depart: Wuppertal Vohwinkel 12:37, 14:07, 15:52, 17:37*

Depart Burg Brücke 11:48, 13:22, 15:07, 16:52

* Terminates at Graf Wilhelm Platz.

Passengers may board or alight at any of the bus stops on route 683. the trips are free but passengers are expected to make a donation to the operating society.
In the interest of safety standing passengers are not allowed and once the 28 seats are occupied no further passengers can be taken. Prams, bicycles and wheelchairs are also not allowed for the same reason.

The above dates and timetable assumes that the vehicle is technically in order.

The Trolleybuses of route 683 are still using the turntable in Burg and will be until at least the end of the summer school holidays. The construction of the new turning circle for the Hess articulated Trolleybuses had not been started at the beginning of April. The Turning circle is required in order that the new articulated Trolleybuses may go into service on route 683 – see our reports from 08.12.2008 and 02.02.2009. The Hess series vehicles are to be delivered on schedule starting around the end of April. The first two prototype vehicles are to be certified during the week 14 to 17 April 2009 at the Stadtwerke Solingen workshops. The TÜV certification of the series vehicles is, as opposed to the original plans, to take place at the manufacturers workshops. This is to take place on 27.04.2009 after which delivery is to commence.

Our photo shows Museum Trolleybus number 59, during October 2008, waiting for the return trip to Solingen at the turntable in Burg. Trolleybus number 50 can be seen in the background on the turntable.
Photo: Jürgen Lehmann

Translation: Bankes

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