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Teplice [CZ] - Fleet renewal continnues

J. Lehmann - 13.04.09

Teplice - Czech Republic

As of 01.07.2008 there was a change in name of the trolleybus operator in Teplice from TRANSPORT COMPANY TEPLICE Ltd. to Veolia Transport Teplice sro.
Other information about the company remained unchanged.

The operator took possession of five new Trolleybuses at the end of 2008 and a further five are to be purchased during 2009. An invitation for tender was published on 12.03.2009. The content is for one fifteen metre and four 12 metre low floor Trolleybuses. The vehicles should be delivered between 01.07.2009 and 30.11.2009. The estimated value of this order is around 2.1 million Euro (55 million CZK)
(1 Czech koruna = 0.0328191271 British pounds on 21.04.2009). Closing date for the tenders is 05.05.2009. The new vehicles will be replacing the 1986/87 built Trolleybuses.

Extensions to the system are not planned at the moment. Even the small desirable extensions are politically not feasible in the current climate.

Connecting the terminus of route 4 in "Šanov I lázně" with the nearby two routes 12 and 13, which would result in a ring route would be a desirable extension but, unfortunately even the relevant roads are, themselves, not physically joined.

Our photo shows 1995 built Skoda type 14TrM number 159 at the "Šanov I lázně"
Terminus of route 4. slightly to the left but outside the scope of the camera are routes 12 and 13.
Photo Jürgen Lehmann 26.03.2009

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