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Mendoza [AR] - New lease of life with a new livery for old Trolleybus

J. Lehmann - 06.04.09

Mendoza – Argentine

By March 2009 the first of the Flyer Trolleybuses had received several variations of a new livery and the operators logo. The public has, thus, been presented with several choices. A final decision as to which colour scheme is to be used will be taken at a later date. The vehicles are still being test driven though service with passengers imminent.

The ex Solingen vehicles will then slowly be withdrawn from service. In March 2009 numbers 61, 63, 73, and 79 were withdrawn. The phasing out period will, however, take some considerable time and it is planned to repaint some of them in the new livery once a final decision has been made..

Text: Dirk Budach.

Our photo shows Flyer Trolleybus number 02 on a test run. Will red be the new livery rather than blue in the future?
Photo: Jorge Guevara.

Translation: Bankes