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Ceske Budejovice [CZ] - Route 1 to be converted from Diesel to Trolleybus

J. Lehmann - 06.04.09

Ceske Budejovice – Czech Republic

During August 2008, in accordance with the contract with Skoda, two Skoda articulated Trolleybuses type 25Tr were delivered and numbered 71 and 72. The contract sees a further two vehicles in the course of the year 2009. Articulated Trolleybuses of the first series of 15 vehicles, with which the system was opened on 01.05.1991, numbers 01, 02, 06 and 09 have been withdrawn from Service. This leaves a fleet of 53 vehicles in all of which 16 are of the low floor type. The majority of the rest of the fleet is made up of Skoda type 15Tr vehicles which have all been overhauled and refurbished in recent years. With the exception of number 27 all of these vehicles have been fitted with new electronic matrix destination boards.
A museum Trolleybus, a 1980 Skoda 9Tr, ex Plzen number 336, is also part of the fleet and articulated Trolleybus number 01 is also to remain in the fleet as a museum vehicle.

Six routes are in operation numbered 2, 3, 9, 14, 15 and17. There are also two night routes numbered 53 and 59. Routes 2, 3 and 9 have a frequent schedule of between 6 and 10 minutes. Route 1, which also has a high frequency but is serviced by diesel buses, is to be converted to Trolleybus operation with the aid of a grant from Brussels. As a result of these plans tenders have been invited for 14 low floor articulated Trolleybuses.

Our photo shows Trolleybus number 47 the last of the 21Tr two axle Trolleybuses. This vehicles is seen regularly on service on route 15, as seen here on 24.03.2009, is due to be taken out of service, however, this year. Skoda Type 21Tr number 46 has already been taken out of service and stands, currently, in the depot.
Photo J. Lehmann

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