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Blagoweschtschensk [RU] - Plans for extensions shelved

J. Lehmann - 30.03.09

Blagoveshchensk – Russian Federation

The Trolleybus system in this city, which lies 8000 kilometres to the East of Moscow and just 500 kilometres to the West of the Pacific, is made up of two ring routes. The routes are numbered route 2K, (for "koltsevoy" or "circular"), and route 2V, (for "vnutrenniy" or "inner [circular]"). Both routes operate from Vokzal to Oblastanaya Bolnitsa following a complicated pattern of three consecutive loops, one around the central area of the city and the other two in the area of new apartment buildings to the North-West of the city. Route 2K operates anti-clockwise, route 2V operates clockwise. The last loop near Oblastnaya Bolnitsa terminus, however, is one-way only and thus both routes operate in clockwise direction.

Extensions via Studencheskaya Ulitsa, Institutskaya Ulitsa and Voronkova Ulitsa to Oblastnaya Bolnitsa in 2000 and via Dyachenko Ulitsa in 2003 added 7 km. to the network and helped to gain more passengers in various newly developed areas of the city.

Unfortunately route 4, which travels via Gorkogo Ulitsa to Gorbolnitsa. was closed in 2002 and the wiring dismantled. An additional Substation would be required in order to operate route 4 to Gorbolnitsa properly and there are plans for the route to be resurrected when funding becomes available. At the moment these plans have been put back because the subsidies for this were not forthcoming. As a consequence the proposed purchase of 30 Trolleybuses has been reduced to four, two in 2009 and two in 2011.

Unused wiring is in place in Gorkogo Ulitsa between Kalinina Ulitsa and 50 Let Oktyabrya Ulitsa. It was briefly used by experimental route 3 Vokzal - Gorbolnitsa via Gorkogo Ulitsa.

There are also plans for an extension along Lenina Ulitsa, the town's main thoroughfare, that would address the problem that passengers prefer to use the newly introduced private buses and minibuses on that street rather than the Trolleybuses, which use the parallel Zeyskaya Ulitsa, the routeing favoured Soviel rule.

The fleet in 2004 is made up of 31 Trolleybuses including ZIU-682 and ZIU-682G numbered 32-57. The latest deliveries are five type VMZ-170 numbered 01-05 (2001-2003) and two type VMZ-5258 Trolleybuses delivered in 2005, one of which has air conditioning installed in the drivers cabin.

During May 2008 a further new Trolleybus went into service, this time a vehicle from the Baschkirisch (BTZ) factory*. The most prominent feature, which makes it stand out from the other vehicles in service, is the electronic destination blind. The vehicle is also equipped with an "Ibis" style automatic bus stop announcement system.
* Following is a link to the manufacturer:

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Our photo shows 2005 Trolleybus number 07 in service on route 2V. In the Russian alphabet "V" looks like a "B"
Photo: Larreta ( ), 23.08.2008.

Translation: Bankes

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