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Merida [VE] - This system still awaiting completion

J. Lehmann - 30.03.09

Merida – Venezuela

The new Trolleybus system "Trolmérida" would seem to have come to a stand still since the opening of the 11 kilometre long section, " El Ejido to Pie del Llano" on 18.06.2009. The extension to the city centre appears to be held up because there is some disagreement as to the actual route to be followed. The section along the "Avenida 16 Septiembre", which follows the boundary of the airfield, has been completed but not yet put into service. The final section to the city centre has not yet been started due to the afore mentioned disagreement.

The operating contract contains a clause which specifies the time from which date on, fares may be charged for the Trolleybus service. This date, from which fares may be charged, is defined as such date upon which service along the complete length of the route to the city centre is in operation. At the moment there are no ticket vending machines and no fare prices available. The Trolleybuses only offer a sporadic service for 8 hours a day along the first westerly 11 kilometre section.
Text: Dirk Budach

Our photo shows the depot with Trolleybuses patiently awaiting their turn to go into service, a scene which will become a rarity as soon as the system is completed.
Photo: Trolmerida or Wikipedia Commons.

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Translation: Bankes

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