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Salzburg [AT] - Temporary diversion of 5 Routes

J. Lehmann - 30.03.09

Salzburg – Austria

An internal, informal celebration was held on 05.03.2009 to celebrate the fact that both of the ex-Montreux, 13 year old, articulated Trolleybuses had been released for service. The two vehicles, which have been given the fleet numbers 259 and 260, had been adapted ands prepared, over a period of 4 months, in the Salzburg workshops for service in Salzburg. They have been repainted in Salzburg colours and on 09.0 3.2009 number 260 was the first to enters service on route 6.

The two vehicles are required for the conversion of the eastern section of diesel bus route 20 to Trolleybuses in June 2009. Freezing weather has held up the mounting of the overhead on route 20 and also on the 500 metre extension to routes 3 and 5 in Itzling, and it is for this reason that only a tentative date for the official opening of the new stretch of route 20 on Sunday 14.06.2009.

The first of the 20 Solaris articulated Trolleybuses that have been ordered will, it is hoped, will be delivered in time for the 100 year celebrations of electric transport in Salzburg which is to Take place between 30.09.2009 to 11.10.2009. The first skeletons of vehicles have already been constructed. The vehicles are to be numbered 301 to 320.

The building works on the railway bridge over "Rainerstraße" near the bus stop "Kiesel", which is the main connection between Salzburg central station and the town centre and used by 5 Trolleybus routes, caused full closure of the bridge on 28th. and 29th. of March and on the 5th. of April.

Trolleybus routes 1 and 2 were split during the closure. Route 3 vehicles used their auxiliary motors and used a diversion via "Schwarzstraße" Routes 5 and 6 were also split on Saturday but on the two Sundays, due to the fact the Sunday service requires less vehicles, they also used the "Schwarzstraße" diversion.

Our top photo shows ex Montreux VanHool Trolleybus number 26 entering sevice for the first time on 09.03.2009.
Photo: Karl Moosleitner
Our second photo shows the skeleton of the first of the 20 Solaris articulated Trolleybuses.
Photo: Mattis Schindler

Translation: Bankes

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