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Sao Paulo (EMTU) [BR] - 11 kilometres of new overhead to begin this year

J. Lehmann - 23.03.09

Sao Paulo - Brazil (EMTU)

The operatng company Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes Urbanos (EMTU) runs 33 kilometres of segregated bus lanes in the South Eastern part of the thriving city of Sao Paulo which goes under the name of “Corridor Metropolitano”. 22 kilometres of the route are electrified and now the final 11 kilometres are also to be converted to Trolleybus operation. Tenders have been invited for the construction which is to start in 2009. The 11 kilometres is the stretch from Piraporinha via Diadema to Jabaquara. During 2010 a further 11 kilometres are to be constructed from Diadema to Brooklin.

The private Trolleybus company, "Metra", which uses the infrastructure belonging to EMTU currently has 78 Trolleybuses of which 22 are low floor vehicles manufac tured by "Busscar". The official presentation of a new prototype low floor articulated Trolleybus type "Millennium II" made by the consortium CAIO/Mercedes-Benz/Eletra
Is expected at an unspecified date in the near future. A further prototype of this sort is currently in service with the other operator in Sao Paulo SP-Trans (SPT)

Text Dirk Budach from information supplied by Jorge F. Moraes

Our top photo shows the 1992/93 Metra owned Bussscar lowfloor Trolleybus number 7201 in service on 25.01.2009.
The lower photo shows the same vehicle form the side where a diagram of the Corridor Metropolitano is clearly visible see also the following link:

Photos: Thiago Santos Silva

Translation: Bankes

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