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Arnhem [NL] - A better service on Trolleybus routes

J. Lehmann - 30.03.09

Arnhem – The Netherlands

The new timetable, which came into operation in December 2008, saw the increase in the number of Trolleybuses in service. Route 5 now have a 7½ service on weekdays between 09:00 and 13:00 during term time instead of a 10 minute service. During the morning rush hour route 5 enjoys, at times a 5 minute service.
Route 3 is now served every 10 minutes, instead of every 15 minutes, after 1 pm.
In all 40 Trolleybuses are in service in the morning rush hour and 33 during the rest of the day.

The fleet, however, only consists of 42 Trolleybuses of which 3 are prototypes and prone to breakdowns or teething troubles and 11 are two axle vehicles and used almost exclusively on route 3. It is, therefore, often necessary to put diesel buses into service on the Trolleybus routes. On 06.03.2009 there were 8 and a week later 11 diesel buses in service on Trolleybus routes.

The 11 two axle vehicles are due to be replaced by 9 Hess/Vossloh-Kiepe Trolleybuses (see our report from 17.11.2008). The first of these is expected to be delivered in time for their open day on 06.09.2009 when it will then be presented to the public as part of the 60 years of Trolleybus operation celebrations. As a further part of these celebrations it is planned to open the new extension to the new housing development "Schuytgraaf". The construction for this extension was started at the beginning of 2009.

Our photo shows one of the 11 two axle Trolleybuses number 5172 seen here at the road works in front of Arnhem's central station. As opposed to the usual blue livery it is carrying a full body advert.
Photo; J. Lehmann

Translation: Bankes

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