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Athen [GR] - Continuing expansion of the network

J. Lehmann - 23.03.09

Athens – Greece

22.12.2008 saw the completion of the latest extension to this Trolleybus network. Route 19 was extended from The centre of Chalandri some 2 kilometres to chalandri station. The terminusis on Odos Doukissis Plakentias street directly in front of the Metro station Chalandri which serve the metro line M3, the connection from the town centre to the airport, which has however, been closed since 14.02.2009 due to repair works. The closure is expected to last for six months. Trolleybus route 19 has a 20 minute service.

During the course of 2008 Trolleybus route 4 was also extended to a metro Station. This is the metro station Aghios Ioannis on the M2 line. Route 4 enjoys an all day 8 minute service. Earlier in the year new route 10 was introduced. This route is serve exclusively with the Neoplan articulated Trolleybuses. The route 10 shares it's terminus with route 18 in the centre of Chalandri and follows the same route towards the town centre. Route 18 and 19 turn right into Leoforos Aleksandras whereas route 10 carries straight on to circle the town centre. Upon reaching the Leoforos Syngrou it joins the overhead wiring of the old route 10 which was suspended in 2001. It follows this motorway type bypass as far as Tsitsfies where it follows a circular route to it's terminus near the end of route 5. (See link for system map). Route 10 has an a day time headway of 9 minutes, between 16:00 and 20:00 10 minutes and from 8 p.m. onwards a 15 minute frequency.

Route 11, as we have already reported, has been extended to now terminate at the old terminus of route 3 at Patisia. The old turning circle at Koliatsu is still in place but the wiring has been separated from the rest of the system and the frogs have been removed. Route 3 now follows Chalkioos Street, using wiring previously reserved for vehicles leaving or returning to the depot, to Nea Filadelfeia and terminates at a turning circle near the football stadium.

The single price fare, introduced at the beginning of 2008 has now been put up form 80 ct to 1 Euro.

Our top photo shows VanHool Trolleybus number 7102 in service on route 19 at Chalandri metro station.
The lower photo shows Neoplan articulated Trolleybus number 9045 at the terminus of route 10 in Tzitzifies.
Photos: Tony Wood, March 2009

Translation: Bankes

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