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Tyumen [RU] - First route extensions for 22 years

J. Lehmann - 16.03.09

Tyumen - Russian Federation

Tyumen, a city in Urals Federal District in Russia, located on the Tura River 2,144 kilometres (1,332 miles) east of Moscow with an estimated (2008) population of 590,800 opened it's Trolleybus system on 11.06.1970. The fleet consisted of 63 Trolleybuses in 1970. This slowly grew to 88 in 1979 and by 1986 15 routes were being operated. The fleet was continually being renewed until September 2000 when the last four new vehicles were delivered. Since then there has been no further investment in the system.

The long route 9 to Aeroport Plekhanovo┬▓ (4 kilometres to the west of the city) was closed in July 2007 because of major bridge reconstruction works over the railway. The majority of the routes overhead however was removed. This left just two operative Trolleybus routes still running, routes 7 and 12.

┬▓ The turning circle to the East of the airport as well as the new flyover under construction further East just beyond the Tyumen central station are clearly visiblr in Google Earth.

All of the other Trolleybus routes have been converted to diesel bus operation and are run by private companies, most of which use second hand vehicles purchased from West European countries. The lack of investment over the past few years indicated a decline in the Trolleybus and it was feared that the last three routes would also be replaced by diesel buses. On 01.01.2008, however, Trolleybuses were brought back into operation on route 14 and was even extended for a short distance. A month later route 12 was also extended in a Northerly direction returning it to it's original length.

The fleet currently consists of around 60 type ZIU 682 Trolleybuses.

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Our photo from 12.06.2005 shows Trolleybus number 38 in service on route 6. (Route 6 was closed in May 2008 in favour of route 7). The Trolleybus seen here passing the bus stop "d/k Geolog" is followed by two diesel buses.
Photo: Dr. Eckart Sternol

Translation and additional text: Bankes