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Riga [LV] - Delivery of the one hundredth Skoda 24Tr

J. Lehmann - 09.03.09

Riga – Latvia

On 26.02.2009 the local operator "Rīgas satiksme"* celebrated the delivery of their one hundredth Skoda 24Tr. The vehicle in question has been given the fleet number 2-939 7 and was appropriately decorated at the depot. The special guests were then invited to celebrate the event with a piece of specially made "birthday cake". (see photo).

There are 60 Trolleybuses numbered 800 to 859. (The numbering system includes a depot number in front of each vehicle number and a control number after it). These 60 vehicles are not fitted with auxiliary motors. Trolleybus 939 is now the fortieth Trolleybus to be delivered with a diesel auxiliary motor and a further 10 are to be delivered. At the time of writing 940 to 944 had also been delivered.

Parallel to the delivery of the new vehicles 13 Skoda type 14Tr were withdrawn from service.

Our photos show the 100th. Skoda 24Tr at the depot and the specially baked "Birthday celebration cake"
Photo: Vadims Falkovs

*"Rīgas satiksme" have a new home page address in English:
The route list link is not working in the English version but can be visited via the Latvian or Russian pages

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