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Beijing [CN] - Fleet expansion and renewal

J. Lehmann - 23.03.09

Beijing (Peking) – China

On January 30th. 2009, the Chinese capital Beijing received a further batch of 100 articulated trolley-buses. The arrival of these new Trolleybuses meant that "Beijing Transit" literally ran out of parking space for their fleet as can be seen below in the photographs..

There have been ongoing talks about expanding the Trolleybus system since the year before the Olympics, but nothing has, so far, materialized which is one of the reasons that they have more buses than they need as it was anticipated that with extensions to existing routes coupled with the introduction of new routes more vehicles would be required. At the moment the fleet serves 15 routes with and comprises is made up of Chromabus types BJD-WG 120A, BJD-WG 120DK, BJD-WG 120N and BJD-WG 160A, amongst others.

This new influx of vehicles has brought the current strength of Beijing’s Trolleybus fleet up to 820 operable vehicles plus an additional 20 which are used for driver training.

The new 16 metre long Trolleybuses , are of the type "Chromabus" model BJD-WG160B. They are what one might describe as semi low floor vehicles. That means a chassis which has two steps to a semi low floor.

The electric traction motor and associated components is manufactured by the "China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation", (CRS), which is situated in the city of Zhuzhou in Hunan Province. CRS is the largest manufacturer of electric locomotives in China. Zhuzhou is around 1522 kilometres South South West of Beijing via the Beijing-Zhuhai expressway (toll motorway).

After a three week testing and training period the vehicles went into regular service, on route 109, on 15.03.2009. Because of it's unusual front end face like appearance this Trolleybus has been given a nick name by the locals: "King Kong".

Text: Dirk Budach / Zachary Jiang

Oru photos show the new articulated Trolleybuses on the day of their delivery, top and bottom left and bottom right one of the same vehicles in service on route 109
Photo: Mr. Liu Shuang (Chromabus), Beijing.

Translation: Bankes