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Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) [MX] - Japanese Trolleybus art

J. Lehmann - 09.03.09

Mexico City – Mexico

Fifteen years ago the Japanes government presented the Mexican government with several Trolleybuses, from the Kurobe Dam system, which had been taken out of service. These vehicles were left hand drive and had the boarding doors on the right of the vehicle. They were, however not suited for use in Mexico and only one was converted for use. It was the Trolleybus number 117 a Mitsubishi/Fuso model from 1966. It was only very seldom seen in service. The rest of the vehicles were stored and various suggestions as to how they may be used, such as library Trolleybus or classroom Trolleybus, were discussed. In 2005 the operating company, STE, gave one of the vehicles to a group of artists who used the vehicle for various activities. The project was given the name "Trolebús Galería" and was designed and managed by Ariadna Maria Fernanda Ramonetti, Art historian. For the last two years the vehicle has been parked in a side street near the Hotel Condesa.
The Address where it is to be found is:
Corner of Calle Guadalajara / esquina Veracruz , Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City, DF, 06700.

Text: Dirk Budach

Our photo shows the Trolleybus art project parked under the trees in a side street in Mexico city
Photo: Ariadna Maria Fernanda Ramonetti, Dirk Budach Archives.

Translation: Bankes

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