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Gdynia [PL] - Two Trolleybus conversion finished - more to follow

J. Lehmann - 09.03.09

Gdynia* – Poland

The conversion of diesel buses to Trolleybuses continues with number 3016, being completed at the end of December 2008 and number 3019 at the end of February 2009. The total of conversions has now reached 23.

For the electric components for the conversion of a further five diesel buses tenders were invited. Three quotes had been submitted by the closure date at the end of February and the contract was awarded to the firm "Enika based in Łódź Poland a City about 84 miles South-West of Warsaw. The quote was 1 185 000,-- PLN net for all five vehicles. One vehicle, therefore costing around 237 000 PLN which is just over 50 000 Euro at todays rates². This includes the asynchronous traction motor, frequency changer, the transformer for the on board 24v supply, The heating system, the air conditioning system and the 72v / 80 Ah NiCd battery for autonomous driving mode. This auxilliary power unit is only for use in emergencies and is not used in regular service. The older Mercedes conversions are fitted with a 5 kilowatt batteries and the new vehicles are fitted with 15 kilowatt batteries.

The next bus to be converted will be an ex Copenhagen Mercedes O 405N2 number 1072. Registered to "Bus Danmark" on 11.06.1998 it was taken over by "Arriva Danmark" wher it was re-numbered PE 96482. It's whereabouts between 2004 and 2008 are not known.

The Submission date for quotes for 2 new vehicles was 09.03.2009. The contract was awarded to "Solaris" based in Bolechowo and Środa Wielkopolska, near Poznań, Poland. The vehicles will cost 1 494 000,-- PLN which is around 320 000,-- Euros. The vehicles will come fitted with an air conditioning system, half automatic Trolley booms and the 15 kilowatt battery as described above.

* See comments about Gdynia in our report from 20.10.2008

² Live rates at 2009.04.03 - 13:12:22 UTC
237,000.00 PLN = 52,885.55 EUR 1
(PLN = 0.223146 EUR 1 EUR = 4.48138 PLN)

1,494,000.00 PLN = 334,388.28 EUR

Our photo, shot on 28.02.2009 shows converted Trolleybus number 3019 in service on route 28. This Mercedes O 405N conversion was the last to be fitted with equipment taken from the scrapped Jelcz Trolleybuses.
Photo: Pawel Misiak

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