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Chiatura/Tschiatura [GE] - Overland Trolleybus route closed

J. Lehmann - 02.03.09

Chiatura – Georgia

The overland Trolleybus route of this small 30 000 strong community, 180 kilometres to the west of Tiblisi, which connected it with the township of Sachkere, following the course of the river kvirila around 16 kilometres to the north-east has been closed. The route first opened in 1967 with a length of 9 kilometres and completed with the final 7 kilometres in 1969. Twelve Trolleybuses were required for operating the route.

During 1999 only six vehicles were available and they operated a 30 minute service. With the collapse of the local industry the population sank drastically and in 2006 only two Trolleybuses were observed in service. Six Skoda 9Tr vehicles wer at that time available and the newer 14Tr vehicles , which came from Tiflis, were not put into service but used as spare parts donors.

The Route finally closed during June /July 2008. In August parts of the overhead had already been dismantled and there were no signs of vehicles at the depot. A visitor to the system in March 2008 found that there were no Trolleybuses in operation. During 2007 there were, supposedly, gaps in the running due to power failures.

Our photo shows Skoda 9Tr number 5 still in service during November 2006.
Photo: Tymofii Bespiatov ( )

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