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Samara [RU] - Ongoing modernisation programme

J. Lehmann - 02.03.09

Samara - Russian Federation

On 05.02.2009 the first new Trolleybus of the year 2009 was presented. This vehicle, with the fleet number 3207, is one of the type "Optima" Trolleybuses and not the same type as the ten new Trolza Trolleybuses, numbers 73 to 75, 902 to 904, 3206 and 3208 to 3210, based on the ZIU682, which were delivered during 2008.

During the coming years further new vehicles are to be purchased. The modernisation programme, which was published in September 2008, sees a 70% renewal of the fleet between the year 2009 and 2015. Parallel to this around 50% of the rolling stock of the tram system is to be replaced. In all 5,5 billion (5,5 thousand million), which is equivalent to 150 million euro, is to be invested.

In the past few years modernisation has consisted of the purchase of new chassis and bodywork and fitting electric components from scrapped ZIU682 Trolleybuses.
During 2005/2006 four new type BTZ-5276 Trolleybuses were purchased. The 2005 vehicles were numbered 71 and 3202 and the 2006 vehicles 899 and 3204. Twenty bodies of the same type were also purchased and fitted with the electric equipment as described above.

The fleet is made up of around 250 Trolleybuses of which, in 2006, 249 were available for service, three had been taken off the road, one driver training vehicle with duel controls for the instructor and eight special purpose vehicles. There were also several Trolley-lorry freight vehicles. The oldest vehicles are numbers 03 and 09 dating from 1985. Of particular note is the unusual numbering system. Numbers 798 to 904 are designated to Trolleybus depot number 1, 03 to 75 to Trolleybus depot number 2 and Trolleybus depot number 3 houses the vehicles numbered between 3102 and 3210.

A few ZIU 682 vehicles were also completed in the local "Samara Transport Machinery works" (SZTM). Of particular interest is one example Trolleybus number 3201 which went into service in 1997. This vehicle was of a completely new design but it was rebuilt in 2006 when it had a new body mounted. The firm SZTM became insolvent and ceased production of Trolleybuses in 2008

Currently 17 routes are being operated, route 11 having been temporarily closed due to extensive building works on the underground railway. Three of the routes are limited to the rush hour periods and one of the routes to Sunday and public or bank holiday running.

This news item was taken, in part from Trolleybus Magazine, with the kind permission of the editor. It was supplemented with further information from the following two sources: and

Trolleybus Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which reports about worldwide events and developments concerning Trolleybuses.and is available through " The National Trolleybus Association (NTA). Link:

Our top photo shows the unusual front end of ZIU 682 number 3194 which was completed in the local "Samara Transport Machinery works" (SZTM). During 2008 the firm became insolvent and ceased production. This vehicle went into service in 1994 and is seen here in service on route 13 on 01.06.2006.
Photo: Andrey Kinyaev
Our second photo shows The latest addition to the fleet number 3207 on 17.02.2009 in service on route 11
Photo: Mashinist ( )

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