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Gori [GE] - Two routes again in service

J. Lehmann - 02.03.09

Gori – Georgia

The two routes 1 and 2, which were in service at the beginning of 2008, were back in service again, after a break in service, in September 2008 shortly after the Russian invasion and occupation.

Route 1, Tinischidi to Kwernaki is operated with just one vehicle and route 2, Tinischidi to Central Station requires 6 vehicles to maintain it's schedule.
During November 2008 Route 2 had to be shortened as the bridge over the railway is deemed unsafe due undue strain caused by the tanks during the invasion. The route now ends to the south of the station.

The current fleet consists of an assortment of 9Tr, 14Tr and ZIU9 Trolleybus including some which were taken over from Tiflis and also the vehicles from Athens.

This news item was taken, in part from Trolleybus Magazine, with the kind permission of the editor. It was supplemented with further information from the following two sources: and

Trolleybus Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which reports about worldwide events and developments concerning Trolleybuses.and is available through " The National Trolleybus Association (NTA). Link:

Our photo shows Trolleybus type ZIU9 number 44, an ex Athens vehicle numbered2090, behind which there is a Skoda type 9Tr numbered 29. The photo was taken at the depot during the suspension of services due to hostilities.
Photo: Tymofii Bespiatov

Translation: Bankes