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Bendery/Tighina [MD] - New Trolleybus route

J. Lehmann - 13.04.09

Bendery - Moldova

A new circular trolleybus route, route 5, was opened on the 6th. of October, as part of the 600 year celebrations of the founding of the city. The new route serves the western part of the city and joins route 1 with the terminus of route 4. The route is an anti-clockwise circular. Route 4 has been extended and now operates as the clockwise counterpart. The other three routes 1, 2 and three remain unchanged. There is also an overland route, route 19 which connects Bendery with the township of Tiraspol and which also has it's own Trolleybus system. All of the Bendery routes start in the town centre.

The building of new route 5 included the building of two new substations. Second-hand trolleybuses are to be acquired from Minsk and Beograd anfd negotiations to this affect are on-going. Currently the fleet consists of around 30 Trolleybuses type ZIU 682.

This news item was taken, in part, from Trolleybus Magazine, with the kind permission of the editor. It was supplemented with further information from the following source:

Trolleybus Magazine is a bi-monthly publication which reports about worldwide events and developments concerning Trolleybuses.and is available through The National Trolleybus Association (NTA). Link:

Our photo shows three Trolleybuses in Lazlo Street on 29.08.2008. Trolleybus number 17 is in service on route 1, number 11 on the overland route 19 and number 28 which is in service on route.

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