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Brest [BY] - Further low floor Trolleybuses go into service

J. Lehmann - 04.05.09

Brest – Belorus

In all 14 new low floor Trolleybuses were purchased in 2008 an all of them were in service by the spring of 2009. They are a two axle vehicle which is based on the model MAZ-103 which, itself, is a German Neoplan diesel bus which has been built under licence since 1992.

Seven of the Trolleybuses were fitted with electrical equipment from Belkommunmash ans were subsequently designated type AKSM 221. They were given the fleet numbers 121, 122 and 124 to 128. The other seven were fitted with electrical equipment from a small firm near Minsk called Eton. This series has the type designation MAZ-Eton T103 and carry the fleet numbers 116 to 120, 123 and 129.

All of the MAZ vehicles have a 170 kilowatt DC motor from the firm Dynamo and a thyristor control unit. The vehicles completed by Eton also have a battery driven auxiliary motor sufficient for covering short distances off line.

The fleet, which serves 8 routes, consists of around 90 Trolleybuses of which around one third are of the low floor variety.

Our photo shows one of the new Belkommunmash 221 models, number 124, which entered service in December 2008.
Photo: Artem Reshetar

Translation: Bankes