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Zurich [CH] - "LighTram" for route 32 as well

J. Lehmann - 16.02.09

Z├╝rich – Switzerland

For the past few weeks three double articulated Trolleybuses have been in service on route 32. This route, together with route 46, are the only bus routes with a 5 minute service during the rush hour period.

As well as the new Trolleybuses, which are to replace the forty three 1994, Mercedes Benz O 405 GTZ II numbers 101 to 143 over the next three years, the operator will be purchasing new double articulated Trolleybuses in order that route 32, like route 31, may also be completely serviced by these, apparently, comfortable and reliable large vehicles. The passengers seem to be particularly pleased with the wide doors on this low floor vehicle and the smooth quiet running.

As reported several of the series of Mercedes Benz O 405 Trolleybuses, numbered 1 to 36, remained in service until the end of the year despite the fact that delivery of the new vehicles was complete by July 2008. The reason was that the series numbered 101 to 143 were being converted to Matrix destination blinds. The last of the older articulated vehicles to remain in service were numbers 25 and 19 were deregistered in November and December. Two further vehicles of this series were renumbered, number 32 becoming 4128 and number 33 number 4129 and are being used as driver training vehicles.

Our photo shows LighTram number 68 on 20.0.2009 in service on route 32. The ride is so smooth that the passengers feel as if they were travelling in a tram.
Photo: Horst Schaffer

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