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Lublin [PL] - European funded extension programme

J. Lehmann - 09.03.09

Lublin – Poland

February 20069 saw the start of the European funded program of extension to the Trolleybus network in Lublin. The city planning department have now invited for tenders for the planning and erecting the overhead wiring, five crossings, the necessary number of sub stations and a turning circle at Chodzki. When completed there will be 31,9 kilometres of new wiring. All of the infrastructure is to be completed by 2015. The planned extension from Lipowa via the old city centre to Krakowskie Przedmieście was not included as the majority of the town council voted against the reintroduction of this important tangent which was closed a few years ago in order to enable a pedestrian area to be developed.

In order to be able to serve the new extensions the fleet will have to be expanded.
Road testing of Bogdan (Ukraine based automotive manufacturer) Trolleybuses is planned. First will be a 10 metre two axle vehicle type Bogdan T501.10 currently in service in the town of Lutsk. This will be followed by a three axle rigid body 15 metre vehicle. Also they will be receiving a Trolleybus body shell from the firm MAZ. This will be completed in their own workshops with elcectric components fromm the Polish firm Medcom. Testing and registering the vehicle with the official approval for road service is expected to be completed by the end of the year. It is possible that the workshops could produce these vehicles for other systems.

Our photo shows one of the recently purchased Solaris Trolleybuses number 837 which is seen here on 23.12.2007 in service on route 160 travelling along "Ul. Lubartowska" near to the historic old town centre.
Photo: Wojciech Turżański ( )

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