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Medias [RO] - Work on the extension to route 1 suspended over the winter period

J. Lehmann - 02.02.09

Medias - Romania

The system in this town, of 50 000 inhabitants, which lies some 40 kilometres to the north-east of Sibiu, consists of three routes. Routes T1 and T3 are currently being served by only one Trolleybus. Route T2 enjoys the working by four Trolleybuses and six diesel buses. The extension to this route, which will allow complete Trolleybus working and has been going on for some years, is currently suspended due to the inclement winter weather. It is expected that construction will be resumed at the beginning of March.

In all 10 Trolleybuses are available including three two axle vehicles from Salzburg and six from Lyon. At the depot Lyon number 657 and all of the Rocar" Trolleybuses are awaiting scrapping.

Our top photo shows Ex Salzburg 107 Steyr/Kiepe two axle Trolleybus renumbered as 654. Our bottom photo shows Medias Trolleybus 664 which was acquired in mid 2008 from Biel. It is the 1991 built "SwissTrolley" prototype which was in service in Biel from 1996 until 2008 as number 80.
Photos: Silviu Sintea ( )

Translation: Bankes