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Eberswalde [DE] - Drafting of the invitation to bid for new articulated Trolleybuses underway

J. Lehmann - 23.03.09

Eberswalde – Germany Drafting of the invitation to bid for new articulated Trolleybuses underway

An invitation to bid for new articulated Trolleybuses is currently being drafted in Eberswalde. Long discussions and analysis of the passenger patterns have disclosed that the originally proposed 15 meter Trolleybuses would not be capable of transporting the amounts of passengers encountered during the rush hour peak periods. A further point, which tipped the balance in the favour of the articulated vehicles, is that the subsidies for 15 metre Trolleybuses would be considerably less than those for articulated vehicles.

The final decision as to what when and where tenders will be invited depends upon the content of the completed contractual and specification tender documents. This final decision lies with the owners of the operating company Barnimer Busgesellschaft (BBG) i.e. the town council.

In a first stage the BBG wish to purchase only 12 Trolleybuses and intetend to use diesel articulated vehicles as reserve vehicles. The basic plan would envisage two new Trolleybuses to be delivered by November 2010, and after that 5 vehicles for the following two years.

The directors of the operating company are still planning to unveil and present the new vehicle to the public during their 70 year anniversary celebrations due to take place some time in November 2010.

The fleet is now made up of only 13 serviceable Trolleybuses due to the fact that number 039 had to be withdrawn from service and declared a write off after being involved in a bad accident on 11.11.2008. Trolleybus number 029 is still waiting for the component parts of the "Supercaps" ultracapacitor module. Recently there has been a considerable amount of breakdowns and number 029 will eventually be restored to it's original state in order to help alleviate this problem.

The morning peak requires 12 vehicles although one of the extras is generally a diesel bus so only 11 Trolleybuses are required. The afternoon peak requires only 10 Trolleybuses.

A new addition to the fleet is a second hand overhead maintenance vehicle purchased from the Braunschweig tram company. It is an "MAN" chassis with body work and maintenance platform from "Schorling". The fleet number is 979 and it has already been re-registered* the registration number being BAR-FR 13. Having received a new livery it is now being fitted out with the necessary accessories and equipment. It is expected that the vehicle will be ready for service some time during April 2009 at which time it will replace the 10 years older Mercedes overhead maintenance vehicle.

* In Germany all vehicles have registration numbers with a specific town registration belonging to the town where the vehicle is registered. An example B stands for Berlin, H stands for Hannover, F stands for Frankfurt. The system allows for up to 3 letters which specify the town or region where the vehicle is registered. A single letter denotes the largest town whose name begins with that letter, a double letter donates a town whose first letter has already been given to another town and therefore it has it's first letter plus an appropriate second letter, these combinations are also given on the principal, the largest one comes first. The maximum number of letters is three and these are given to the smaller towns and rural areas after all the double and single letter combinations have been given. These letters or letter is followed by a hyphen and up to two letters followed by up to four numbers. A typical number might be B-JM 1834 or EL-MB 659. The vehicles registration number is reteained by the vehicle throughout it's life span independent of who owns it only as long as it remains in the same town. Should the vehicle be sold to a new owner in a different time it then receives an completely new registration number.

Our photo shows Trolleybus number 039 in service on 09.05.2008. The destination blind "Finow Post" was caught by the camera as the blinds were changing during it's stay over at the terminus at Ostend. The extension of the Trolleybus route to Finow Post was never realised but it's presence as a destination on the roll shows how close the plans became to being realised.
Photo J├╝rgen Lehmann

Translation and additional text: Bankes