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Lausanne [CH] - New network plan "Réseau 08" introduced

J. Lehmann - 26.01.09

Lausanne - Switzerland

Following the opening of the M2 Metro line on 14.12.2008 network plan number 8 is now complete. The new M2 line replaces Trolleybus route 5 and part of route number 6. A new Trolleybus route number 25 has been introduced but routes 4, 6 and 15 have been consolidated into two routes bearing the numbers 4 and 6 thus reducing the total number of Trolleybus routes in operation. These three routes 4, 6 and 25, are served by rwo axle Trolleybuses. On the other six routes articulated Trolleybuses and two axle Trolleybuses with trailers are in service. Due to the lack of vehicles diesel buses also serve on these routes. In all 80 vehicles per day are required to cover all services, however, there are only 82 vehicles available for thes routes.

There are already new plans afoot and the "Transports en Commun Lyonnais" (TL) the local operator have passed plans for the network plan 14 or "Réseau 14".

These plans include extensions to routes 6 and 25 and conversion of diesel bus route 21, which already follows routes where, for the most part, overhead is present. The extensions are planned for completion in 2009 and 2011. The plan also includes the conversion of several sections of Trolleybus routes 7 and 9 to Tram lines. This would, however, be an ideal project for double articulated Trolleybuses on separate lanes.

Our photo show Trolleybus number 783 traversing the new overhead of route 6
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