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Cordoba [AR] - Fleet renewal imminent

J. Lehmann - 20.04.09

Córdoba – Argentine

The operating company of this system, "TAMSE", currently has 39 operational Trolleybuses This fleet is made up of 9 articulated Russian ZIU, 24 two axle ZIU and 6 Chinese made two axle Trolleybuses.

In June 2008 it was intended to purchase 25 new Russian Trolleybuses and with this in mind a letter of intent was issued by the "Banco de Nación" guaranteeing a credit of 10 million Argentinean Pesos (approx 2. 7 million US Dollars) for this purpose.

The city council would, however, appear to split and it is now being suggested that in order to save money CNG or bio-diesel powered articulated or even double articulated buses should be bought instead. It has also been suggested that these types of buses are more environmentally friendly than Trolleybuses although this argument has not been backed up by any hard facts.

As a consequence the order for the Trolleybuses has temporarily been cancelled.

A final decision was expected at the end of 2008 but this has so far not been forthcoming. A decision about the planned extension of the three Trolleybus routes was also awaited at the end of 2008. The extension proposals are Route A to Villa El Libertador, route B to Tropezón and route C to CPC Ruta 20. The system operates three routes which were opened between 1989 and 1992 (see our news item from 23.06.2008). TAMSE is a publicly owned company and has been operating the system since 2004

Text Dirk Budach

Our Photo shows articulated Trolleybus type ZIU-683 number 31 still in it's old, pre "TAMSE" livery. Photo: Hugo González ( )

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