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Szeged [HU] - Invitation to Trolleybus convention

J. Lehmann - 09.03.09

Szeged – Hungary

As part of the 30 years of Trolleybus operation celebrations, the operator invites all interested parties to take part in a Trolleybus convention which is to take place on 29th./ 30th. of April 2009. The theme of the convention is "Future development and possibilities for the Trolleybus in the 21st. Century." The convention will take place in the new Trolleybus shed at the depot.

The presentations will all be simultaneously translated into English and one of the members of the operating company "Szegedi Közlekedési Kft." (SzKT) will be translating into German, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian and Bulgarian. The program has not yet been published and further information is available from the managing director Dr. Gábor Dózsa at his E-Mail address .

There will also be the opportunity of inspecting this interesting and diversified fleet. For example the conversion of the three door Citaros to Trolleybuses, the fifth one of which, coincidentally, is currently being converted. Another interesting vehicle is the ex Budweis Skoda 21Tr, low floor, articulated Trolleybus which underwent a complete overhaul in the SzKT workshops before re-entering service. At the end of 2008 another vehicle of interest went into service. This is also an ex Budweis vehicle, Number 45, now numbered T-803. A further Budweis vehicle, ex number 44 which was purchased in 2006 is currently being overhauled and will be re-entering service shortly as T-802. An unspecified number of Skoda diesel vehicles bought second hand from Pilsen are also to be converted to Trolleybuses.

These low floor vehicles are to replace the second hand 14Tr Trolleybuses bought from the Czech Republic. The 14Tr vehicles will be overhauled and sold on to Bulgaria. Currently T-705 and T-708 are undergoing their overhaul prior to shipping. The first low floor articulated Trolleybus was a Skoda 22Tr, which was originally a prototype and demonstration vehicle. This vehicle also underwent a complete overhaul and entered service during 2008. Currently there are nineteen Skoda 15Tr available for service on route 9.

A further low floor vehicle is currently being manufactured. This one is a body from the manufacturer ARC ( see link below) which is being adapted for use as a Trolleybus. An example of the necessary alterations is the reinforcement of the roof to take the roof mounted components. It is expected that after it's official approval and homologation for road service it will be on the road some time this year.

Only three of the four Trolleybus routes are currently operating. The extension to route 8 has not yet been electrified, so that diesel buses are still in use here.
In the summer of 2008 Trolleybuses were temporarily in service on route 8, this was due to the works at the Anna Kut crossroads which subsequently was closed to traffic from 15.07.2008. The Trolleybuses on route 8 were on short working and terminated at Kalvin tér.

As of 17.10.2008, the Anna-Kut crossroads was initially openes for public transport use only. Trolleybus route 8 was again able to traverse th full length to the terminus at Dugonics tér and diesel buses were once again put into service along the full length of the route.. On 23.10.2008 (a public holiday in Hungary) the new crossroads at Anna Kut was inaugurated and, during the festivities Trolleybuses were in service on the shortened route 8, as a substitute for diesel buses.

Our photo shows an articulated buses manufactured by the Hungarian company ARC (see related link) which are something of a rarity. They will shortly be in service in Szeged as Trolleybuses but not with 5 doors like this example of a diesel bus version in Debrecen number KVV-397 run by the Debrecen operator Hajdu Volan ZRL. In the background is Trolleybus number 385 owned by DKV.
Photo; Andras Ekkert, February 2008

Translation: Bankes

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