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Lausanne [CH] - Introduction of "Reseau 2008" postponed

J. Lehmann - 06.10.08

Lausanne – Switzerland

The opening ceremony of the Metro line M2 on the weekend 19th. to 21st. September 2008 was a great success. Passengers had, at times, long waiting times due to the high number of visitors. The official begin of full time service with all the stations is planned for 27.10.2008 due to the fact that some of the works at various stations were not completed in time for the official opening.

As a result of the opening of the new M2 line Trolleybus route 5 has ceased operations. Trolleybus route 6 now follows a new route via "Av Victor Ruffy" in both directions. The route now terminates at Sallaz, one of the M2 stations. Due to the fact that there is no turning circle at Sallaz the vehicles travel "out of service" to the original terminus of route 6 at Valmont in order to turn. The section to Praz-Séchaud has been taken over by diesel bus route 41 until it is converted to Trolleybus operation, planned for some time during the next few years.

Timetable plan "Reseau 08 (see link) has, despite the opening of the Metro M2, still not come into operation and a new date has not, as yet, been set.

Our photo shows Trolleybus number 789 with trailer 901 in service on route 6 shortly before the stop "La Sallaz" where it meets route 5. The new overhead in the "Avenue Victor Ruffy" is completed and ready awaiting service.
Photo Jürgen Lehmann 21.09.2008

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