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Balti [MD] - trolleybuses from Belarus ordered

J. Lehmann - 15.09.08

The three Belkommunmash trolleybuses are numbered 155 - 157 followed by threei VMZ-5298.00 (VMZ-375) with the numbers 158-160. This year 10 new Belkommunmash trolleybuses were expected.
A proposed extension beyond Mikrorayon Oktyabrskiy has not been built and the network continues to consist of routes 1 (Aeroport - Molodovo), 2 (Vokzal - Mikrorayon Oktyabrskiy) and 3 (Avtovokzal - Myasokombinat). A visitor in July 2002 noted that all journeys on route 3 were extended beyond Avtovokzal via the wires of route 1 to Aeroport. Two ZIU-683 trolleybuses (150/1) have been rebuilt as two-axle vehicies. The ZIU-682 fleet is numbered in the ränge 74-153 and 90 (built in 1975/6) is probably the oldest of its type in Service in the former Soviet Union. The fleet is supported by an unnumbered technical
assistance vehide.

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AKSM-20101 No 156 build 2006 at the terminus of route 2, teken by Aleksey Vorobev (, 01.05.07

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