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Toshkent [UZ] - Five new trolleybuses for Toshkent?

J. Lehmann - 25.08.08

The first new trolleybuses for some years, five ZIU-682G-016.02, were reported to be delivered by TROLZA in February, but were not seen by a visitor in April 2008. At that time only routes 6,11,17,18 and 28 were in operation.
The last new trolleybuses were from 1998, after a joint venture, called Trolza-Aviaz, was formed between Troiza (ZIU) and the Toshkent Tram
and Trolleybus Repair Works (a subsidiary of the local operator) to assemble ZIU-682 trolleybuses from bodies and equipment supplied by Trolza. Only two new vehicies are known to have been built (Toshkent 1001/2) and since 1998 the undertaking has restricted its activities to refurbishing old ZIU-682 trolleybuses. A little over 100 such vehicies have been delivered to several systems in Uzbekistan and can be
distinguished by their livery of white with yellow, green and blue stripes.
The trolleybus fleet has been significantly reduced in the last 7-8 years. In 1998 there were 326 vehides: 171 ZIU-682, 20 ZIU-6205 and 135 Skoda 14Tr. At the beginning of 2006 the fleet comprised only about 40
ZIU-682 and 85 Skoda 14Tr. All of the articulated trolleybuses have been
scrapped, except for 2704 and 3302, which have been converted to two-axle ZIU-682. Depot 1 closed around 2001. In February 2006 ten routes remained operational: 2, 4, 6,11,12,13,17,18,26 and 28.

This message is from the Trolleybus Magazine (Orginal in TM 280 and 267), with the kind permission of the editor. The Trolley Magazine is published every two months and reported worldwide about the trolleybuses.

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